What we offer  

We provide upcycling and craft workshops based on our low waste living ethos. Through hands on workshop, we inspire creativity and develop mindfulness skills. Our work supports positive health and wellbeing, by providing our participants with the tools and knowledge to live more thoughtfully and protect our environment.


Why choose the Sunny Jar Eco Hub

Evidence shows that creativity and craft can bring many of the benefits of mindfulness, enhancing physical and mental wellbeing. Our workshops are an excellent way to actively relax, reduce stress levels and inspire creativity. Making something by hand can be incredibly rewarding and rejuvenating in our digital world. 


Our ethos to reduce waste and live more sustainably with less plastic also contributes to positive health and wellbeing, with the rising awareness on the health dangers of plastic and on the significant negative environmental impacts. The Sunny Jar Eco Hub mission to lower our impact on the environment inspires us to look beyond commonly used materials and utilise waste and natural resources. Through our workshops, we share how low waste living is possible in our busy lives.

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