Plastic-free Poplar is a community-led project focused in reducing single use plastic in and around Chrisp Street market in Poplar, East London. We will support the local community to take action and come together to create a planet-friendly action plan and find practical solutions for the day to day, to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions in our food systems.

Making Poplar greener.


Plastic-free Poplar is part of the Just FACT project, which stands for Just Food AND Climate Transition, supporting community-led climate action in Tower Hamlets. Partnering with local residents and community organisations, this ambitious new project coordinated by the Women's Environmental network will focus on reducing the environmental impacts of our carbon heavy food system.

What's happening?

Come and meet us at Chrisp Street Market on Wednesday the 14th July, 10 am - 1pm

We will be running a plastic free living table, showing you easy swap to break away from plastic and teaching you how to Furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping and carrying your shopping in fabric.

Our Plastic Problem

Our food comes wrapped in plastics, grown in plastic and carried home in plastics.

Our food systems are full of single-use plastics and we want to break this cycle. 

Plastics are toxic for our planet as they do not biodegrade, creating tonnes of plastic waste leading to the accumulation of microplastics in our water, soil and ultimately our food.


Did you know 29% of plastic found in UK shops is either difficult or impossible to recycle*.

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The Power Of A Community

We believe in giving power to the community to create their own food systems without having to rely on the highly polluting practices of larger food corporations, as an important step in the transition towards healthier and sustainable living for everyone. The aim is not only to teach about the havoc single use plastics wreak on our planet but also to share solutions to create a space where wisdom can be doled out and received in equal measure. Do you live in the poplar area and want to be involved or know any local low waste champions?

Why not send us an email or dm us on Instagram or keep up to date by following our plastic free poplar facebook page.


We are also getting the schools involved to teach children about the impact of single-use plastics, talk about how they can help and create collaborative art exhibition to start conversations and raise awareness in the community.


*Statistic from Which?

Click on the link for our 

'Plastic Free Poplar' Facebook page to keep up to date with our progress!