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6 Little habits to live sustainably in February

Resolutions don't have to start in January and similarly, sustainable living doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it can be incredibly simple. We believe that low waste and sustainable living should be accessible to everyone. We've scoured Pinterest and our archives so you don't have to and found some exciting activities that have inspired us for this February. This list is for you if you want to be inspired to start living low waste in little ways.

1. Make some indulgent planet-friendly snacks

Unfortunately, lots of our shop-bought snacks and treats come wrapped in single-use plastic packaging, that once unwrapped, goes straight to landfill or the incinerator (unless it is part of the small percentage that is recycled!). But do not fret, you can treat yourself to this easy two-ingredient truffle recipe by minimalist baker and coat in cocoa powder or coconut flakes!

2. Enjoy a relaxing Crafternoon

Explore your creativity through cheap and cheerful crafts, great for kids and adults alike. Decorate sticks and leaves and create colourful bouquets (see above) to adorn your home. Here are some fun craft ideas to inspire you, including making a Twig Bouquet, a weaving using branches and upcycled masks. Happy making!

3. Mend a hole

Mending worn clothes can be very therapeutic and save tonnes of textiles from landfills, and you can create something beautiful and personalised with visible mending. For some tips, watch this video on visible mending techniques, our preferred method of mending.

4. Watch an eco-documentary

There is a vast array of eye-opening award-winning documentaries available on various streaming platforms to help us on our journey to becoming more environmentally aware. The National Geographic have a great list, but we'd love to hear your suggestions, what is your favourite eco-doc?

5. Create a tea blend

We drink a lot of tea at Sunny Jar HQ and even more so in winter. We save our orange and apple peels from food waste and dry them. Added to our foraged nettle leaves or sage and mint, they make a wonderful caffeine free brew.

6. Grow something small

Growing microgreens is a quick easy and very rewarding way to grow your own nutrient-rich food in a small space. We all know about cress but what about beetroot microgreens with their vibrant pink stems! If you are new to the world of microgreens, see this is a Gardeners World article about ones you might want to try. There is also this article on windowsill microgreen growing.

Image credits

Honeyland, directed by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov (2019), paints a portrait of North Macedonian beekeepers and their conservation message.


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