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A Sustainable guide to gift wrapping

With the avarage UK household using 4 rolls of wrapping paper a year, the equivalent of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper are binned each year! With this in mind, here are some handy techniques you can implement to gift-wrap thoughtfully.

  1. FUROSHIKI WRAP- a menthod of fabric wrapping from Japan, folding and tying fabric around the gift crating a beautiful end result, trust us. It is much quicker than paper wrapping and also negates the use of using sticky tape. Thank goodness! Say no more one handed wrapping olympics! You can start by taking a trip to the charity shop to pick up any square vintage tea towels, scarves with elegant motifs or scraps of table or bed linen or simply giving new life to scraps around the home. A wonderful way to make the wrap gifts that we give within the family (where you can get the wrap back!) or to add extra value to present. For most presents you will need at least a 50cm square piece of fabric.

  2. PRINTING ON PAPER- Collect brown paper like package filers and scour the house for objects to use as stamps. Things like lego and corks or pegs are a firm favourite at Sunny Jar HQ!

  3. OLD MAGAZINES- Christmas has been on the cards for a long time yet in the shops and especially in the newspapers and magazines. Tonnes of Beautiful festive images have been printed of festive scenes, so why not tear out some pages to wrap your presents. The wrapping can be a gift in itself if you find a particular recipe you want to share or article!

  4. REUSE PREVIOUS GIFT WRAP- I know the idea of re-gifting is generally frowned upon but when it comes to the wrapping resusing boxes bags, tissue paper, ribbons etc there are no rules, so get creative and put your own stamp on the packaging literally and figuratively.

  5. GET THE KIDS TO WORK- Let the kids go to town on the wrapping paper, keeping them both occupied and also vitally a part of the operations. Set out a roll of brown paper with paints and pencils and let the kids do the rest. This is a very handy way to jazz up the humble brown paper and is a very thoughtful DIY especially for grandparents who may appreciate a little scribble or two from the grandkids every now and then!

Best of luck.

from the Sunny Jar Team x

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