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Hello to all readers, welcome to our blog!

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Hello to all readers, welcome to our blog!

Thanks for joining us. We are passionate about low waste living and want to share our tips and tricks to live more sustainably. Sunny Jar is a young social enterprise, made up of a group of friends promoting eco living. We run workshops, talks, events and community projects in London. This blog is born to share our journey.

Low waste might not be the most important impact humans have on the environment but it is the one we have an immediate chance to improve. We can make a difference at home, at work, in our cities by rethinking our lifestyle, the way we do things, if we buy or don't. This blog is a great place to start!

Yes, it is about the environment, but also it's about saving money and resources. About recovering lost knowledge we once had. Changing habits to live a better life. Better for what surrounds us and for ourselves. It doesn't take much, it really isn't more than just looking after ourselves and having loads of respect for what we have. Because yes, our lifestyle does “compromise” our planet and yes, we will feel better if it didn't.

We have a practical and common sense approach to things and we don’t claim to be the scientific experts of eco knowledge. We simply want to share what we have been doing for many years and what we are currently experimenting with and discovering.

We also want to hear about you. We would like to build a community, an online hub, a meeting place. So here we have a platform where you can ask, consult, share and comment anything to do with low waste living, recycling, upcycling and sustainability.

Let's start rethinking, reducing and reusing together!

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