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How to create a Waste-free Christmas

Are you looking forward to making the most of this festive season, but are worried about creating tonnes of waste and negatively impacting the environment?

There are many things to consider in preparation for Christmas, but do not fret, here's our comprehensive list of ideas for sustainable waste-free festivities!

The Decorations

- Create home-show-worthy Wreaths and Baubles from fabric scraps, used plastic packaging or paper from old magazines and save them from the bin and create magic from your waste.

- Take a trip to your local park to forage for pine cones and ivy to adorn your house with. These along with some dried orange slices can make beautiful bunting.

The Outfit

- Make your own Christmas jumper, upgrade your jumpers with some Christmas decorations, hang baubles for your jumper and old tinsel around the sleeves, there are no rules, just think Christmas tree :) (this also works for a last-minute 'can't find a Christmas jumper' flap)

- Shop second hand, there are some Brilliant Christmas jumpers and festive formal wear for sale on second-hand marketplaces such as vinted, preloved and Facebook marketplace, all for bargain prices!

The Tree

- Did you know that you can rent a tree? It's exactly like buying a Christmas tree except without the hassle of disposing of it afterwards. Renting your tree means that once borrowed it can go back into the ground ready for Christmas next year, meaning you can take the same tree home year after year.

- If you have the space for it, you can buy a potted Christmas tree and watch it grow over the years in your garden

- If you already have a synthetic tree, don't throw it away, try to use it for a long as possible to last many future Christmases!

- Saving an artificial tree from the dump by buying second hand is a good alternative when you are trying to save the pennies (and carbon emissions!)

- You can also convert your other house plants into Christmas tree alternatives if you are feeling creative!

The Presents

- For Christmas cards perhaps consider using recycled paper cards or get creative and reuse your scrap paper, shiny chocolate wrappers and cutouts from previous cards!

- Gift second hand. From wandering around the flea markets to staying at home and browsing the online marketplaces, there is always something to find for everyone.

- Shop small, shop local.

- Craft some homemade gifts, whether baked goods, personalised tea blends or bath soaks.

- Try to gift presents to be used and appreciated for years to come.

Either ask them directly or conduct a secret audit of their belongings whatever suits you best!

- Gift experiences, rather than material things

- Wrap your presents in bits of fabric, vintage scarfs or snazzy old magazines to give them a bit of personality.

The Dinner

-Introduce more vegetarian and vegan dishes to your Christmas repertoire, there is a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.

-Shop local to support local businesses and avoid plastic waste!

-Keep the peels and store them in the freezer to be turned into a stock at a later date or use to enrich your compost heap

- If despite the calculations, you have managed to over order, deliver unused foodstuffs to your local food bank or get the app olio or too good to go, to give away your spare food.

- Be creative with your leftovers over the next few days and freeze the rest!

Have a wonderful Christmas x

The Sunny Jar Team

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