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Picture-perfect patches

In light of Fashion revolution week, we have decided to celebrate the creative art of clothes patching as an act of resistance against our throw-away culture. Just because it is broken doesn't mean it can't be fixed and importantly, because it is worn, doesn't mean it should lose value. Here are some ideas we've collected on Pinterest, we hope some of these fun patching ideas brighten your day and give you a few ideas to try! Each image has a source link attached, with tutorials and more information.

1. Sashiko Patches

This image is an example of what we like to call free-style sashiko, there are no rules here, think of your item of clothing like a canvas to make a collage just with a few scraps of fabric and a simple running stitch. You can also find specific traditional sashiko stitching patterns online if you are up to something a little more challenging. This article from spruce crafts includes many beautiful sashiko stitching templates.

2. Felt Patches

Did you know you can felt directly onto clothes? felted wool makes a pretty sturdy mend, plus it is pretty easy to do. Above there is a link attached to the heart elbow patch image providing a step-by-step guide from on how to felt patch a heart including the inspired use of a cookie cutter as a stencil. The felted birds on the right were created by @screamroad.

3. Embroidery and Applique

These cat patches are great examples of simple design to create greater impact. Using basic felt shapes and blanket stitches you can create a number of different designs using stencils or going rogue and creating your own artwork. You may like to add printed patterns or a few words to personalise.

4. Crochet patches

After having a little exploration online we found lots of free crochet 🧶 tutorials. These creations can be attached to an item of clothing with a needle and thread. The first two images are free tutorials and the last picture, by crochet artist Tuija Heikkinen, is more aspirational showing the versatility of patches that can be created. We also found free crochet leaf patterns on the spruce crafts, click on this link to view

Happy patching!

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