Essential oils  are great for adding to your homemade cleaning or beauty products. We've chosen this collection of oils as they can be used across all our kits, however some may be more suitable than others. 


Choose from: 


Eucalyptus- A distinctive smell, eucalyptus has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, to give your cleaning products an extra boost.  


Lemon: A refreshing scent that will lift your mood. Lemon's acidic properties will help disinfect and cleanse.  OUT OF STOCK


Orange: A feel good oil, orange's sweet smell will brighten your day. Recommended for our unwind and pamper kit. 


Lavender: For the ultimate relaxation, lavender is calming and soothing. It's familiar scent is great for our beauty kits. Although it's more expensive than the other essential oils available,  a little goes a long way. 


Peppermint: An invigorating essential oil, peppermint is a strongly scented oil, that also has mild anti-bacterial properties. If you love a fresh and clean fragrance around the home, add peppermint to our cleaning kits. 


100% Pure Organic Essential Oils, 10ml

  • Brand: Aqua Oleum by Julia Lawless

    If you have any medical concerns regarding essential oils (such as when pregnant, or with certain medical conditions), please consult your doctor or a qualified aromatherapist for further advice before using.  Do not use undiluted and check before using around children and pets.  Keep  out of the reach of children. Keep oils away from eyes. Flammable.

    *Lemon and orange oils are recognised as a photosensitizing substance. A photosensitizing substance is one that provokes an exaggerated response with negative consequences for your skin when it comes into contact with solar radiation. Examples are allergies, sunspots, blisters, vesicles, rashes or even burns. Please use with caution and care.