Pure soap flakes with no added perfumes, preservatives or fragrances. These soap flakes are only made with soda and certified organic vegetable oils. 


As well as their obvious laundry uses, when mixed with water they are a great all purpose cleaner, ideal for floors,  leather, washing the dishes. Even more effective when combined with the grease busting power of Soda Crystals.


250g of soap flakes can make up to 6 litres of liquid soap.



Soap Flakes

  • Ingredients: 30% and more soap and glycerin obtained only with certified organic vegetable oils (75% of palm and coconut oils), between 5% and 15% of water and less than 5% of salt and sequestering agent.

    Packed in a 100% recycled paper bag, with paper label. Fully recyclable and compostable.