Are you conscious about what’s in your cleaning products and how it may affect your health and the environment? Try making your own cleaning products with a few simple, non-toxic ingredients. 


Our Bedrock Basics Cleaning Kit is a great way to start cleaning naturally and reduce chemicals in your home.  This kit contains the two essential ingredients that are the bedrock of many cleaning recipes: citric acid and bicarbonate of soda. With these, you can clean the majority of your house, no added chemicals necessary! 


You'll receive ingredients to make our all-purpose cleaning spray +refills, toilet bombs and our deodorizing cleaning powder. Also included is our comprehensive Cleaning Recipes and How-to Guide, a brilliant introduction to the in's and out's of cleaning with less waste and less chemicals, saving you money and improving the health and wellbeing of you and your family. 


You'll learn how to use this kit for window cleaning, kettle descaling, an oven scrub, bath cleaner, air freshener, shoe deodorizer....the list goes on!


Add an essential oil from our range for extra scent and boost your cleaning power.  We recommend eucalyptus, lemon or orange. 

Bedrock Basics Natural Cleaning DIY Kit

  • Contains:

    • 250ml Amber Glass Spray Bottle

    • 250g Citric Acid (citric acid anhydrous) **

    • 250g Bicarbonate of Soda (sodium bicarbonate) **

    • 1g Lavender Flowers

    • Stickers to label your finished products. 

    • Cleaning Recipes and  How-to e-booklet (A pdf document will be sent to the email provided at check out) 


    **Quantities provided are enough to make the recipes more than once and experiment with tips in our e-booklet.


    Caution: Our all purpose cleaning spray is based on citric acid, which works in the same way as vinegar. Avoid using acid based cleaners on marble, granite or stone surfaces.Spray directly on cleaning clothes to avoid spraying on unwanted surfaces. If unsure, test it on a hidden area first to make sure no color change or damage occurs.  

    If you have natural stone surfaces, you may want to try our multipurpose liquid soap cleaner. Diluted, it makes a great alternative spray. 


    The citric acid and bicarbonate of soda are packaged in compostable cellophane bags.  The lavender is packaged in recycled, recyclable and compostable paper envelopes. Our stickers are 100% compostable and recyclable, including the backing.