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All About Plastic 

Learn more about the plastic facts, as showcased in our Plastic Free Poplar 'More Plastic than Fish' exhibition. Find out more about Plastic Free Poplar here. 

Our Plastic Problem

An infographic poster about the impact of plastic on our environment, to our health, to the money in our pockets. including a timeline history of Plastic as a material.

'We eat up to 1 teaspoon of plastic every week.'

Microplastic study reveals global ingestion rates

Revealed: plastic ingestion by people could be equating to a credit card a week- WWF

How much plastic do you eat?- Our Blue Planet

'By switching to a reusable water bottle you could be saving up to £200 a year.'

Instead of buying a bottle of water, carry around a reusable bottle! You'll save money and reduce your plastic u

'1 in 3 fish that we catch contain plastic in their stomachs.'

'It takes around 450 years for a plastic bottle to break down.'

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