• Beeswax Wraps DIY
    Wed, 27 Oct
    The Create Place, Bethnal Green
    Did you know it's almost impossible to recycle cling film and the chemicals used to make it can potentially leach into your food? Try a safe and reusable version to help the planet, your health and reduce your waste!
  • Sustainable Christmas DIY
    Wed, 24 Nov
    The Create Place, Bethnal Green
    Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it is also unfortunately a time of excess waste: decorations, packaging, gift wrap, food… But it doesn’t have to be!

Calendar for Sustainable Living 2021

To help keep up with the growing number of sustainable social events, we have compiled some dates and celebrations for each month and created a colourful calendar, with links to the different events' websites.  

So, if like us, you are constantly finding out about an event after it has just happened, you can download our calendar pdf for free, to keep you up to date!

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