How to Identify your Recyclable Plastics from your Non-recyclable Plastic Waste

In the event of Global Recycling Day, we updated ourselves on the plastics we should be recycling. For those of you struggling to get your head around the symbols, we've cracked the code! Here is our guide to identifying your recyclable plastics from your non-recyclable plastic waste.


PET comes in the form of clear hard plastic and is most commonly found in clear plastic bottles so think again about throwing them in your general waste bin, as you could save them from going into landfill.

Specific PET household items include mouthwash, yoghurt pots, drinks bottles.

PET is commonly turned into textiles as polyester fabric.

HDPE can be found in stiff coloured bottles and tubs. Whether this plastic can be recycled depends from council to council, be sure to check that they take your HDPE plastics such as in Milk containers, margarine and ice cream tubs, shampoo bottles and even Plastic bottle caps. Don't forget to clean/rinse out these items before recycling :)

HDPE can be recycled into pens, non-food bottles (i.e. detergent bottles) and recycling