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Upcycled essential oils burner

Hello and happy new year! We are back from our digital break! Maybe not as optimistic and as energised as we might have wanted but still excited to share some low waste and sustainable tips and inspirations with you this year!

For our first DIY of 2021 we wanted to show you how to make this upcycled essential oils burner.

It symbolises the light at the end of the tunnel and the importance of self care rituals during these hard times.

Burning essential oils can be a lovely way to relax and to naturally deodorise your home.

No need to buy a ceramic oil burner or a diffuser, you can upcycled a tin and use tea lights and a saucer.

You need:

-empty, clean tin (tomato or beans...)

-thin marker (to draw the opening before you cut, I didn’t... hence the wonky shape )

-metal cutter (I use my garden shears which I don’t recommend as it may damage them, but it did the job)

-small ceramic bowl or saucer (should fit nicely onto the tin)

-tea lights (I put one on top of the other to bring the flame closer to the plate.


-sanding paper to sand the sharp edges

-spray paint if you wanted to change the tin’s colour.

If you have a tin opener remove the bottom of the tin. You don’t have to but the oil will burn better.

Draw and cut the opening, you may want to wear gardening gloves to prevent cuts, the tin’s raw edges are sharp.

Sand the sharp edges and spray paint if you want to.

Then place a tea light on top of a used one so it is isolated from the surface and a bit closer to the bottom of your saucer.

Add a few drops of essential oils of your choice to 1 tbsp of water in the saucer or small bowl.

Light the candle and enjoy the beautiful sent.

There is an essential oil to fit every mood, from energising lemon to comforting lavender. At the moment I really enjoy a mix of eucalyptus essential oil (now for sell in our shop) and our homemade pine needle infused oil (will share the recipe soon )

Who is also enjoying aromatherapy? Do you have other feel good rituals?


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