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Did you know

that the UK

sends around 350,000 tonnes

of textile waste to landfills each year?!

  An estimated 

£140 million


How to Make a Shopping Bag from a T-Shirt
(no sewing required!)

Bringing your own reusable bags when shopping reduces plastic waste. But cheap reusable bags are often not sustainably produced, and more ethical options cost money. Not all reusable bags are washable and will end up in the bin all the same. These T-shirt bags are strong and durable and can frequently be washed. They are light, so you can carry a few of them to put all your shopping. And the great thing about these bags is that making them helps reduce waste!


1. Lay your t-shirt flat. Cut off the sleeves and the neckline.

2. Cut a fringe along the bottom- Mark where you want the bottom of your bag to be and cut slits up to this line. Turn your t-shirt inside out.

3. Tie knots at the bottom of the bag- first tie the front and back tassels together and then tie the neighbouring tassels together, so there are no gaps.

4. Turn your t-shirt back the right way. To strengthen the straps, cut strips from the sleeves and tie a strip around each of the handles.

5. You’re done!


VARIATIONS: Tasselled on the bottom: Don’t turn your t-shirt inside out before you tie the knots, leave it the right way round. Shoulder bag (from a large t-shirt): Make a bigger hole at the neckline and tie the handles together.

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