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A Sunny Jar Manifesto for a Sustainable-living Community

We cannot believe that what started as an idea between friends has turned into a 5 year old social enterprise! The idea sprouted from the desire to tackle misconceptions about low-waste living and shifting the focus from consumption to learning and making. We felt the importance of coming together as a community and sharing knowledge, ideas, skills and tools to raise awareness on issues like health and well-being and to empower each other to live more sustainability.

One of our First Posters

Now commencing our 5th year. We thought it important to share our 14-point vision of what we aim for and celebrate what we have learned and achieved so far, as both a social enterprise and a sustainable-living community.

We aim...

  1. To empower and encourage resilience in communities to inspire positive action.

  2. To facilitate a sharing economy of knowledge, ideas, skills and stuff.

  3. To be accessible and inclusive. With a focus on affordability and finding achievable and positive steps for all.

  4. To embrace a community-centric approach to sustainability. To have a positive impact on and provide support to the communities around us on a grassroots level.

  5. Prioritise Health and well-being through practical learning together.

  6. To practice kindness, and respect, and promote non-judgemental and encouraging discussions. To Spark conversations that encourage solutions and to offer a space where people feel safe and relaxed.

  7. To focus on conserving and restoring the environment.

  8. To follow sustainable and circular principles such as the 7Rs: Realise, Rethink, Refuse, Repurpose, Repair, Recycle, Rot. Consciously using and making the most out of what we already have.

  9. To be Transparent and accountable.

  10. To value environmental sustainability and human well-being over financial gain.

  11. To celebrate creativity and expression.

  12. To bring joy, inspire, and uplift each other.

  13. To demand and support lasting change and impact.

  14. Constantly learn, unlearn and continue to develop.

Join us in our shared vision!

The Sunny Jar Team x

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