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Got an Idea? Share it with Us

Here at Sunny Jar HQ, we are always on the search for new ideas.

One of our aims as a social enterprise is to become a hub of ideas about fun ways to make low-waste living accessible for all.

Creating an accessible hub of ideas is no mean feat, so we are calling far and wide for a greater diversity in our voices on our blog.

Simply put, We need your ideas and unique perspectives to inspire others!

Contact us if you would like to contribute or comment below about what you would like to read next.

You can contact us at .

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Write about your personal low-waste journey

  • Share a hearty vegan recipe

  • Make a list of your favourite low-waste habits

  • Share a useful upcycling hack

Our Low-waste calendar is a wonderful tool to help generate ideas:

Download PDF • 301KB

Our sustainable calendar for 2024. Click on the ink above to access the PDF version.

The Sunny Jar team x

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