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How To Winter-proof Your Life

Here are some easy affordable tips from our team to keep you cosy this winter. Have a scroll through our tips feel free to comment with advice or ask further questions below.


Ten minute no-sew draft excluder

Finding and blocking drafts can significantly reduce heat loss within the home. Here are a few things you can do once you find those drafty spots:

  • Closing interior doors, so that the cold air cannot travel from one room to the next. this means you can focus on keeping warm one room at a time instead of heating the whole house.

  • DIY draft excluders shut out drafts from below door and window frames. There are plenty of DIY ideas on Pinterest including this ten minute no-sew draft excluder from 'London craft club'.

  • Silicone draft excluder tape- We are yet to try this one so cannot recommend a specific brand, however, there seem to be lots of viable options on eBay.

  • Thick curtains, insulate your home by screening off any cold air that may enter through your windows or even doors.


  • Invest in a Hot water bottle.

  • Wearing woolen socks can keep your whole body warm. Read this interesting article about 'why your feet have such a big impact on your body's temperature' .

  • Blankets (of course)

  • Thick jumpers, turn your heating down a few degrees and put on some woollens. Its always worth shopping second-hand for some cosy bargains.

  • A hot cup of tea to warm you up from the inside.

  • Candles- the low orangy light in the evening beats a blue light phone screen or harsh lighting any day and is better for your sleep.

  • Invest in a rug on cold hard floors and move furniture around to take advantage of sunspots.


Moving keeps the blood flowing to keep you warm and in good health, this also helps fight fatigue and aches and pains. We recommend moving a little and often this can mean taking a walk, dancing, yoga, or whatever suits you best.

One of our Tea bag-making workshops


Try Thyme, lemon juice, and honey tea. You may well have some dried thyme in your kitchen cupboards. But did you know that this herb is also a great throat soother and can help to relieve a nasty cough? 'The leaves contain compounds called flavonoids that relax the throat muscles involved in coughing and lessen inflammation'. Combine with lemon juice or peels and honey. To create the perfect anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, soothing brew. For general congestions, Eucalyptus essential oil is an effective sinus clearer.*

Include more thyme or ginger or lemon in your food as they are both delicious and antiviral.

Thyme essential oil is particularly effective for acute throat infections.*


Beeswax in skin care is a wonderful barrier for keeping moisture in the skin and is naturally antibacterial (Which is one of the reasons they work so well in Beeswax wraps to keep your food fresh). This helps to restore inflamed and dry skin, that may occur during the winter months. Combine with shea butter for an extra hydrating skin salve. Here is a link to our Hand and Body salve, now free to download!


Tea tree and eucalyptus. Teatree and Eucalyptus oils are natural disinfectants. Add a few drops into a saucepan along with water to humidify and disinfect your home or in a diffuser. Alternatively, you can make your own Diffuser, see our previous blog post about our essential oils burner DIY


  • Eat oranges for Vitamin C

  • Get out of the house. Read this article on vitamin d and the sun

  • Balanced diet- remember salads are not just for summer leafy greens should be consumed throughout the year especially to maintain healthy iron levels.

Stay Warm!

The Sunny Jar Team x

*Do consult your health practitioner for advice on using essential oils.

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